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Simulated Union Organizing Drive

12 guaranteed ways to become union-vulnerable
Recent changes in organizing strategies
Potential changes in the NLRA
Communicating your unionfree policy in advance
Convincing people not to sign authorization cards
What to do when the union shows
What NOT to do when the union shows
Legal & illegal employee committees

Auditing for Union Vulnerability

Any management that gets a union deserves it
Eliminating the negatives & accentuating the positives
Hiring & placement: screen in and screening out
Employee Involvement: a way to build trust
Building positive pride: impact on quality
Minimizing favoritism: fool-proof attendance system
Trust in supervisors: auditing for leadership skills
Confidence in management: clear objectives & strategies
Paying fairly: skill-based, certifiable, & predictable
Performance feedback: timely & specific
CVR Employee Attitude Survey Process

Value Systems, Communication Styles & Language

Values: A detailed and interactive process for each of the 6 Value Systems: Clannish, Cynical
   Conventional, Competitive, Compassionate & Conscious
Identifying your personal values. Self-assessment
Values-profiling jobs & patterned hiring
Connect employee value systems to “process changes”
Translating management messages to “shop floor”
Listening without personal filters & distortions
Implementing change without resistance
Learning to think in other people's value system
Team projects using value systems
Values in the world outside of work

Charles L. Hughes, Ph.D., President of CVR, is best known for his pioneering leadership in the unionfree movement in America. His best-selling book, Making Unions Unnecessary, was the first to set forth the philosophy: "Any management that gets a union deserves it." His long-running seminar continues as the foundation for positive employee relations. He also pioneered the use of attitude surveys, with emphasis on employee involvement in making positive changes.

Dr. Hughes' book, Goal Setting, won the McKinsey Award for Excellence and appears in four languages. His most recent book is Fads, Fashion, and Folderol: Closing the We/They Gap. Among his many journal articles is the award-winning "If It's Right for You, It's Wrong for Employees," the application of Value Systems to Human Resource Management.

Hughes served as Corporate Management Consultant for IBM 5 years and worked 10 years with Texas Instruments in several roles, including Corporate Director of Personnel.

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