CVR has the only survey with a proven Union Vulnerability Index.
CVR uses only 20 survey items, and employees and their supervisors like that.
CVR has 35 years of normative data and consulting experience with direct employee involvement and    feedback to management.
CVR will give you 10 working-days turnaround--7 times faster than anyone else.
The CVR survey is designed for the thought process and value system of the average employee--not top    management--to make it accessible to all.
CVR has conducted surveys for over 900 corporations and more than 1 million employees.
The survey is compatible with the vast majority of the Value systems of the workforce. This is featured in    our Making Unions Unnecessary seminar.

We can add custom statements to the core 20 survey items.
We can handle the survey administration for you.
We can also handle the feedback for you.
The Making Unions Unnecessary seminar can be brought on-site and integrated with your survey results.

CVR's surveys are designed to capture data on employee attitudes by work group and demographics. Each form is a simple, single-page survey that is easy to administer and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. To facilitate the survey process, our standard survey form is divided into the following three sections: survey group coding, demographics, and survey statements.

Survey Group Coding

These codes are used to identify each separate work group or survey group in the output reports. They are assigned by the client and permit virtually unlimited flexibility in the reporting of the data.


This section contains standard demographics, such as education, length of service, and type of pay, to name a few, which can be compared for the entire organization. If utilized, they allow for a comprehensive and detailed comparison of attitudes in the output reports.


The core statements of our standard Employee Attitude Survey assess the overall Human Resources climate of your company, as well as union vulnerability and problems with retention and communication. Its 20 statements are designed to effectively capture pertinent data on the following:

work group cooperation
advancement opportunities
working conditions
performance feedback
confidence in management
rules and procedures
retirement plan
job security
job freedom
use of abilities
seeking outside job
pride in the organization
change in organization
insurance benefits
overall satisfaction with work
fairness of pay
job future
job expectations

CVR's survey reports are designed to be self-contained and self-explanatory, and they provide only pertinent data to facilitate understanding and interpretation. The following is a list of reports included with each survey.

Survey groups ranked by Attitude Index
Survey groups ranked by Industrial Relations Index
Survey groups ranked by Retention Index
Percent favorable response rank ordered
   (individualized for each survey group)
Comparison of each survey group's results to your overall internal norms
Comparison of total company's results to CVR's national norms
Overall internal norm report

For companies that have done a previous survey with CVR, comparative survey reports are available in which the current survey results are compared to prior survey results.

When our core survey statements are utilized, three standard indexes are included with the reports. These indexes offer a quick overview of attitudes for each survey group.

The Attitude Index is the average percent favorable response for all 20 statements. It serves as an    overview of attitudes for that workgroup or survey group.

Backed by 35 years of research, the Industrial Relations Index is the average percent favorable response    for six statements that help to predict union vulnerability.

The Retention Index is the average percent favorable response for statements that assist in determining    your company's vulnerability to frequent turnover.

CVR provides all the necessary information and guidance to help facilitate the survey process at your company. The following items are included with each survey at no extra charge.

Included With Each Survey

CVR's Survey Coordinator's Guide
Survey form for each employee
Two handouts for each employee explaining More about your Employee Survey... and More about your    feedback meeting...
Audio CD analysis of your results with recommendations from one of our consultants
Comprehensive survey reports (listed above)
CVR's How to Conduct a Feedback Meeting guide
Virtually unlimited telephone consultation

Calculating the Cost

Survey cost is the sum of the following calculations. Minimum cost is $1,200. For prices regarding customized survey forms, additional statements, custom statements, or comparative survey reports, please call 972-720-9100.

$120 for each of the first 50 survey groups
(employee groups, consolidated groups, or demographic items)
$75 for each group over 50


$1.50 for each of the first 500 employees
$1.00 for each employee over 500

Survey Groups

Survey cost is based on the number of employees being surveyed and the number of survey groups being reported. Survey groups are defined as follows:

Employee group: any manager's or supervisor's work group. For example, Production—Williams.
Consolidated group: any combination of two or more employee groups. For example, Total Production or    Total Facility.
Demographic item: any single item from the demographic section of the survey form. For example,    Female or Hispanic.

It's important that the entire survey process runs smoothly and effectively, from administering the survey to feeding back the results to the employees. Therefore, CVR offers complete support to assist your company throughout the entire survey process.

Survey Administration

One of our staff will come to your facility, administer the survey, and handle all data collection to ensure your employees' complete personal confidentiality.

Feedback Options

If assistance is needed with feedback preparation and/or meetings or assistance is preferred, CVR offers three additional feedback options:

CVR conducts the feedback meetings:
Our consultants can get to the core issues and complete each group meeting effectively and efficiently. In addition, feedback results are summarized and reviewed with management.

Train the feedback leaders:
To ensure the most effective methods are employed, a CVR specialist can train your feedback leaders.

Train the trainer:
A CVR specialist can train your internal trainers, enabling them to conduct feedback training sessions with your feedback leaders.

In addition, prior to proceeding with one of the above feedback options, a CVR specialist can educate top management on the feedback process, its desired outcome, and the importance of management's commitment to making the survey process a success.

Choose any one of the above options or combine them as necessary to meet your company's needs. For prices on survey administration and feedback options, please call 972-720-9100. And remember, there is no charge for our virtually unlimited telephone support.



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